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Medan As One of City in Indonesia

posted on Nov 23, 2015| tags: medan

This guide to visiting the Medan of North Sumatra and vacation in the tourist place of interest, sumatra tours . This region became world famous for many things. There are many interesting objects that are worth visiting here. There is a cool plateau, waterfalls, historic sites, unique museums, religious buildings which often become the object of photography and other objects that you must visit while on vacation in North Sumatra, sumatra travel . North Sumatra provincial capital is Medan. Medan is the largest metropolitan city outside of Java and is the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. Medan into the gate region of western Indonesia. In the city of Medan can be found several large buildings and magnificent save historical heritage and noble religious values. The attractiveness of the city of Medan make this city as one of the most popular tourist spots across the country. Medan is one of the largest cities in Sumatra, even in Indonesia. Medan is the capital

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Beautiful Tourist Places in North Sumatra You Must Visit

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The following article as a conduit of information for those of you who want to visit Medan, and spent the holiday in existing tourist attractions in North Sumatra. North Sumaterta is a province that has been known in the world because of the many attractions interesting place to visit. Starting from the highland atmosphere gives coolness, a variety of waterfalls, historic places, museums are typical, and houses of worship also became an object for photography for both domestic and foreign tourists while on vacation here. The following tourist attractions highly recommended holiday in Medan, North Sumatra.

Maimun Palace

Famous from the actual building Maimun Palace, rather that the building is one of the historic heritage of the Royal Deli, located at Jalan Katamso, District Medan Maimun. To get to this location, it is very easy to come to this place because of the many public transport options that you can use, ranging from motor tricycles, taxis, public transportation, even if there

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